A Tale of David and Goliath

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In an effort to share how our friends and volunteers see this ministry they love and invest in, this week we are hearing from Mike Hanlon, Missions Coordinator of Wood-Mizer Sawmills.

What is Narrow Gate Exchange?

“The birth of the NGE was one of the greatest Kairos moments in my life. We all said, “Yes” to the Holy Spirit and He was gracious and breathed His life into our dust. It forever altered the trajectory of my life and I believe it will do the same for the young men that go through it.

It is without a doubt one of the best Kingdom of God, Christian missions teamwork collaborations with which I’ve ever been involved.

I am hopeful and prayerful that this work will cause decades’ long enduring impact in many nations.”

Why is NGE important? Why does it matter?

“NGE is a new approach to Business as Mission that will turn it upside down.

Most BAM efforts train Americans in business savvy and send them into completely foreign cultures they do not understand where we hope they’ll assimilate and make friends.

NGE brings the best and brightest young sons from all around the world who need no such assimilation and empowers them with business expertise and artisan skills to fulfill dreams in their own backyards.

It pulls them out of a hellish environment and places them in a heaven-blessed, vibrant training setting surrounded by loving brothers and world-class artisans and master craftsmen. It is a complete and thorough training immersion.

Loving Christ together, they’ll be able to focus, pursuing excellence without the hindrances and tumultuous distractions inherent in everyday life in their home countries.

NGE has brought together the best trainers the world has to offer. The local Christian church has planted churches and pulled millions out of darkness.  Now it’s time to plant locally-owned businesses alongside the churches to pull millions out of poverty.”

Why has Wood-Mizer partnered with NGE?

“Of all the missions efforts we’ve teamed up with over the last 37 years, NGE is the closest fulfillment of our original Wood-Mizer Founder’s dream of bringing the means to achieve “From Forest to Final Form” on a global scale.

Exchange students will learn responsible forest stewardship, fine furniture finishing and everything in between.

The leadership of Narrow Gate Exchange is a valiant group of individuals. They are capable of doing things that others insist cannot be done.  Even after being told NO by our own government, they pushed forward and found a way. They daily exhibit the “pour out my life” commitment that it takes to be a radical follower of Christ.

NGE represents the best answer to our decades’ long struggle to find a way to bring effective, enduring training to the missions field.

Narrow Gate Exchange brings the missions field into the woodshop, the lodge, the barn, the campfire, and the fellowship.

Wood-Mizer is honored to be involved in this excellent strategic assault on poverty. This is David and his mighty men racing ferociously against the Philistines and their giant named Poverty. God’s Band of Brothers will prevail.”

Mike Hanlon, NGE Director Jeremy White, friend of NGE Garlen Whitis

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